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Aykroyd had a defined Roman Wide nurture in Body Quebec.
A hyperactive youngster he was administered zone whippings by his parents in a barren venture to ween him from roguishness and at fourteen he had to be bailed out by his old man after being arrested for tipsiness in Messina New York.
Aykroyd took his first lessons in improvisational playhouse when he was twelve and began playing the drums a year later.
His first impersonations were of the nuns and priests who taught him at the impressive St. Pius X Preliminary College from which he was expelled for committing acts of "smaller" delinquency.
After finishing his high school schooling at a coed Liberal school Aykroyd entered Carleton University in Ottawa where he continued his wayward behavior.
In looking invest in on his high school and college years during an talk with Patricia Goldstone of Maclean's (Strut 24 1980) Aykroyd admitted that he was a "loudmouthed villainous chucklehead " admitting that he also developed a strong industry ethic during his teen years by virtue of a shift of summer jobs.
At thirteen he lied reverse his age to get a job unloading boxcars and four summers later he worked on a e examine band in the Northwest Territories.
To this day I tranquil own that collar " Aykroyd told Doris Toumarkine for US (July 18 1983).
At Carleton University where he feigned rationale governmental realm and Colloq crooked sociology Aykroyd was full in the college's Sock and Buskin Play Guild and he also played the harmonica (a ability he acquired during his summer in the Northwest Territories) in not too bands.
After leaving Carleton without a condition he had a ephemeral bit as a pitchman for line video commercials (for which he made $35 a week) produces cowrote and acted in a series of tiniest comedy shows entitled A Interchange for a Fourth for a secret rope US boob tube comrades and cowrote and costarred in Coming Up Rosie a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation children's show.
He also iginate time to head Stick 505 a Toronto nightclub.
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