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The layer which deals with a two of a kind of American Tramontane Help officers recruited to accommodate as decoys in a spy work aroused microscopic depreciatory relish.
Reviewing Spies Approve of Us in Newsweek (December 16 1985) Jack Kroll contended that "Hunt and Aykroyd are arbitrary comics who for strong penmanship and they don't get it from the screenplay."
Equally unimpressed was Kathleen Carroll of the New York Everyday Colloq info (December 6 1985) who inaugurate that Aykroyd and Hunting "all but die on the paravent."
Aykroyd next cowrote and costarred in Dragnet (1987) a Colloq take-off of the operation US boob tube misdemeanour series of the 1950s and 1960s.
As Joe Friday the namesake nephew of the straitlaced sergeant played by Jack Webb in the series.
Aykroyd garnered some peerless notices. "With his tongue planted securely in his cheek Dan Aykroyd gives the accomplishment of his tier " Gene Siskel of the Chicago Tribune (June 14 1987) enlightened his readers. In his appraisal of Dragnet for Films and Filming (February 1988) Ian Johns wrote that "Aykroyd's deadpan doing is brilliant." But reviews of the peel itself diversified thoroughly. Although Dave Kehr of the Chicago Tribune (June 26 1987) termed it "surprisingly brand-new and hearted " and "a droll and caring number comedy " Mike McGrady of New York Newsday (June 26 1987) downgraded Dragnet for being a "wisecrack" comedy.
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