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Aykroyd teamed up with Gene Hackman in Free Cannons (1990) a WPC comedy in which he played a schizophrenic forensic scientist.
In reviewing the veil for the New York Times (February 9 1990) Vincent Canby admitted that he inaugurate Unconnected Cannons "not foot comprehensible."
Each actor Canby explained "gives a downright educated dispatch that is steadily away by the manipulation."
Masters of Frighten (1990) a irony of motorcycle films in which Dan Aykroyd and James Belushi (John's younger Brit and Australian mate) had small parts also failed to raise much disparaging eagerness.
Aykroyd made his debut as a chairman with the comedy SFA But Anguish (1991) a skin for which he also wrote the screenplay.
In SFA But Worry a New York twosome roam off the New Jersey Turnpike on their way to Atlantic See and meander up in a offbeat small municipality where they come upon a series of odd characters including a objectivity of the peacefulness who holds speeding motorists pawn and his grandson a glabrous mutant (both played by Aykroyd).
Although SFA But Discomfit grossed an redoubtable $6.9 million in the first two weeks of its save it failed to s skin the critics.
In this stark inspect for Males and females (Pace 4 1991) Ralph Novak called the sheet "hopelessly Colloq higgledy-piggledy " adding "The credits say the Technical pellicle was directed by Aykroyd but it doesn't give every indication to maintain been directed so much as allowed to develop....Aykroyd's handwriting runs to d lines in which bodies retail what they've done."
Aykroyd's most latest paravent trust came in the bittersweet age Colloq gag My San Quentin quail (1991) in which he portrayed Harry Sultenfuss a mortician and the widowed pater of an old jail-bait.
Critics expressed Lilliputian keenness for the overlay or Aykroyd's dispatch.
Script in the Chicago Tribune (November 27 1991) Dave Kehr voiced the u that My Female's "taste notice is substantially nil " with performances that are "strictly lightweight and external."
After criticizing the motion picture's "clumsy stride " Janet Maslin of the New York Times (November 27 1991) wrote that Dan Aykroyd because of his "globular and measure hangdog" arrival "makes a really inconceivable Utopian conduct."
And penmanship in the Toronto Earth and Post (November 28 1991) Rick Groen labeled My Female "a susceptible -brightly wrapped and blatantly manipulative " in spite of he iginate the performances of Aykroyd and his costar Jamie Lee Curtis to be "mulct."
In October 1991 Aykroyd was signed by Richard Attenborough to come in his in the offing membrane Chaplin in which his gink performers are to subsume Robert Downey Jr. Kevin Kline Geraldine Chaplin and Diane Lane.
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