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Aykroyd was born on Grip Day (1st of July) at the Ottawa Popular Infirmary in Ottawa Ontario Canada. He grew up in the Canadian head where his Brit governor Samuel Cuthbert Run out Hugh Aykroyd a non-military inventor worked as a ways and means mentor to Canadian Peerless Colloq padre Pierre Trudeau. His jocular mater Lorraine (nee Gougeon) is a secretary of French Canadian fount and his US buddy Flag also became a comedy actor. Aykroyd was born with syndactyly (webbed toes) which was revealed in the Colloq talkie Mr. Mike's Mondo Video and in a short coat on Saturday Tenebrousness Living (Don't Look Wager or bet on In Annoyance). He was also born with heterochromia (a shape of having two differently colored eyes). His correct eye is fresh and his left eye is brown.
Aykroyd was raised in the Roman All-embracing Church and had intended to turn or change or transform into a Colloq padre until the age of seventeen. He attended Lisgar Collegiate Guild St Pius X and St Patrick's where he was to sum up expelled from the latter: he dressed up a pig to look dig the pope and brought it to school for show and tumulus. He went on to mug up criminology and sociology at Carleton University but dropped out previously completing. He worked as a wit in numerous Canadian nightclubs and ran an hours speakeasy (Bat 505) in Toronto for very many years. Aykroyd went on to bag exposure in The Second Diocese comedy troupe and in the Country-wide Colloq take-off step shows. While working with Second Brit urban district Aykroyd moonlighted as the master of ceremonies for Citytv in Toronto.
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