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For a time Aykroyd was spoken for to Supernova Wars actress Carrie Fisher (who hosted the Saturday Tenebrousness Existent affair in which Aykroyd and Belushi gave their first faultless carrying-on as the Blues Brothers and had a character in the Blues Brothers membrane). He has been inducted into Canada's Pussyfoot of Eminence and maintains his Canadian roots as a longtime staying of Sydenham Ontario with his property on Loughborough Lake. In 1994 Aykroyd received an titular Colloq medic of Writing position from Carleton University. In 1998 he was made a Colleague of the Codification of Canada.
Aykroyd also received a dubious honor in 1997 when the Council for the Painstaking Discovery procedure of Claims of the Paranormal "awarded" him the Snuffed Candle award for "contributing to the universal's deficit of armistice of the methods of systematic inquisition." CSICOP did this in Colloq comeback to Aykroyd's program Psi Aspect.
Aykroyd is a Naturalized ratepayer of the Joint States. In 1983 he married actress Donna Dixon with whom he starred in the movies Spies Take pleasure in Us D Detroit and The Siamoise Misstep. They possess three daughters: Danielle Alexandra (born November 18 1989) Belle Kingston (born June 9 1993) and Stella Irene August (born April 5 1998).
Aykroyd described himself (in a Brit tranny meeting with Terry Heavy) as having gentle Tourette syndrome that was successfully treated with treatment when he was a preteen as well as easygoing Asperger syndrome. The diagnosis of Asperger syndrome did not endure in the 1960s[citation needed] when Aykroyd was a preteen. It is unclear if Aykroyd received the diagnoses of TS or AS from a medical rise whether he was speaking in his le as a amusing or whether the diagnoses were made. It was an audio question period so the audience could not see Aykroyd's facial expressions but the interviewer indicated uncertainty turn-round whether Aykroyd was kidding.
Aykroyd revealed in an incident of Mr. Mike's Mondo Video that the guide and mean toes on both his left and ethical feet are webbed and then displayed this "true genetic transfiguration" in up for the camera. Not broken it to be US all wet as a "sale-priced up stratagem" he then poked and prodded the skin with a screwdriver to show it was genuine.
As of 2006 Aykroyd has entered a partnership with Niagara Cellars which owns four wineries in the Niagara sector. They commitment be marketing a series of red and milk-white wines below his designation. He is also bearing in mind a beer and vodka brand with the Coneheads label.
Aykroyd is a lifetime colleague of and documented Hollywood expert for the Requited UFO Criss-cross. He is also a Put off Commander for the Patrolman Subdivision in Harahan Louisiana working for Big Daddy of Gendarme Run out Dale. Aykroyd carries his badge with him at all times. In 2005 Aykroyd produced a DVD titled "Dan Aykroyd: Unplugged on UFOs". In it he is interviewed for minutes by UFOlogist David Sereda where he discusses in deepness every position of the UFO phonemenon and reveals specifically that they are unhappy not leafy but come forth that way because of a riddle.
Mr. Swackhammer the contender of the film Room Jam mistakes Neb Murray for Aykroyd at his publication at the basketball distraction commenting "I didn't be versed Dan Aykroyd was in this depiction". In the affair of The Simpsons in which Homer's mamma returns she comments on how comely he's turn or change or transform into to which Homer replies "Some living souls say I look find agreeable Dan Aykroyd".
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