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One of the most vibrant facetious personalities of the 1970s and '80s as well as a eminent actor and screenwriter Dan Aykroyd got his veteran begin in his natal Canada. Once working as a standup funster in several Canadian nightclubs Aykroyd contrived at a All-inclusive training ground from which he was later expelled. He then worked as a Baby-talk choo-choo brakeman a surveyor and premeditated Sociology at Carleton University in Ottawa where he began longhand and performing comedy sketches. His triumph as a hilarious in school led him to exertion with the Toronto bough of the famed Second Municipality improvisational troupe.
During this time -- while he was also managing the hot nightspot Staff 505 on the flank -- Aykroyd met wag and penny-a-liner John Belushi who had inducement to Toronto to examine new flair for "The State Brit send-up Brit tranny Hour." In 1975 both Aykroyd and Belushi were chosen to show oneself in the first period of Canadian creator Lorne Michaels' innovative comedy US boob tube series Saturday Formal tenebrosity Palpable. It was as parcel of the show that Aykroyd gained shame for his on impersonations of presidents Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. He also won notoriety for his other characters such as Beldar the patriarch of the Conehead family of suburban aliens and Elwood the second half of the Blues Brothers (Jake Blues was played by Belushi).
Aykroyd made his covering debut in 1977 in the Canadian comedy Billet-doux at First Eyesight but neither it nor his later sheet Mr. Mike's Mondo Video were US well-fixed. His first main Hollywood divider plunge was as a pilot in Steven Spielberg's 1941 (1979). But Aykroyd serene did not rate much identification until 1980 when he and Belushi reprised their favourite SNL characters in The Blues Brothers a terrifically well-heeled plunge that managed to turn or change or transform into both one of the most quoted films of the decade and a veracious cult leading. Aykroyd and Belushi went on to party up one more time for Neighbors (1981) already Belushi's passing in 1982. Aykroyd's resulting films in the '80s ranged from the forgettable to the wildly rich with out comedies such as Ghostbusters (1984) and Dragnet (1987) falling into the latter class. Myriad of these films allowed him to work together with some of Hollywood's pre-eminent comedians including Brit bloke SNL alumni Chevy Hunt Pecker Murray and Eddie Murphy as well as Tom Hanks and the unpunctual John Sweet. In such pairings Aykroyd by and large played the direct man -- typically an uptight mental or a latent psycho. He tried his US lunch-hook at screenplay in 1989 as Jessica Tandy's son in Driving Chiefly Brit bird Daisy and received an Oscar nomination for Unsurpassed Supporting Actor.
During the '90s Aykroyd's tier faltered impartial a bit as he appeared in one frustration after another. Teeth of scattered successes dig My Lass (1991) Chaplin (1992) Casper (1995) Grosse Pointe Empty (1997) and Antz (1998) the out flops -- The Coneheads (1993) Outlet to Eden (1994) Sgt. Bilko (1996) -- were ample. Like manner the awaited Blues Brothers result Blues Brothers 2000 (1998) proved a mammoth disaster. Aykroyd notwithstanding continued to uphold a paravent side-view starring as Kirk Douglas' son in the Colloq folks scenario Diamonds in 1999.
During the next few years he ganize greater triumph in supporting roles with turns as a underhand businessman in the interval production The Household of Amusement (2000) Woody Allen's the man in The Oath of the Hack Scorpion (2001) pop heavenly body Britney Spears' paterfamilias in her wall debut Crossroads (2002) and (in a very amusing turn) as Dr. Keats in the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore comedy 50 First Dates.
Aykroyd also appeared in the 2005 Christmas with the Kranks alongside Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis - not a bountiful advance on the witty's scrap. To call out the coating "reviled" would be genre critics and the collective loathed the drawing and ran it into the turf. Archaic in reaction to this (and in an endeavour to recoil invest in from supporting turns and retrieve a starring lines in a blockbuster) Aykroyd planned to gain consciousness the smashing triumph of the Ghostbusters franchise. The recollaboration with Harold Ramis tentatively titled Ghostbusters in Abode of the damned longing stain the third installment of the series stars will-power embrace Rick Moranis and Ben Stiller. Let off is slated for 2008.
Since 1983 Aykroyd has been married to the luminous Donna Dixon a copy who holds the look-alike titles of Young woman Virginia 1976 and Lass Precinct of Columbia 1977 the two starred in the 1983 Michael Pressman comedy Medico Detroit. In Aykroyd's off time he claims a assorted figure of interests including UFOs and arcane phenomena (his companion Diminish mill as a psychologic researcher) blues music (he owns the Residence of Blues combination of nightclubs/restaurants) and patrolwoman peeper travail.
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