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Aykroyd was good friends with John Belushi. By to Aykroyd it was his first Slang US meet with Belushi that helped atom their sought-after Blues Brothers act. When they met in a speakeasy Aykroyd frequented Aykroyd put on a blues report to cavort in the grounding and it stimulated a magic with Blues in Belushi who was predominately a fan of heavy metal. Aykroyd cultivated John on the finer points of blues music and with a microscopic prodding from SNL music numero uno Paul Shaffer it led to the igin of their Blues Brothers characters.
The Blues Brothers was a rightful harmonious act releasing the hit album Briefcase Brimming of Blues in 1978 and performing existent gigs. The Blues Brothers proceed to junket today featuring first members Lou Marini Steve Cropper Alan Rubin and Donald "Dodge" Dunn along with diva Eddie Floyd.
Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles was a standard frequent for the primary Blues Brothers invest in in the prematurely days of the group. John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd became fixtures at the recording studio while one Blues Colloq pal and traditional guitar participant Steve Cropper called Cherokee his producing US accommodations. Whenever they needed a bass competitor they were joined by another Blues Chum Donald "Crouch" Dunn. During this time Cropper along with producing partner and Cherokee proprietress Bruce Robb (maker) worked on a figure of music projects with the two wag/musicians including Belushi's favorite corps Timidity and later Aykroyd's film "Dragnet."
Aykroyd and Belushi were scheduled to gift the Academy Award for Visual Gear in 1982 but Belushi died lone a few weeks former to the solemnity. Even if devastated by his china's decease Aykroyd presented the award unaccompanied remarking from the point "My partner would maintain loved to own been here to gift this foreordained that he was something of a visual conclusion himself." Not a few years previously when he and John Belushi were making an advent on the "Today" show he referred to them as "associated spirits." In the biography "Belushi" Aykroyd claims that John Belushi was the sole man he could at any point hoof it with.
In 1992 Aykroyd along with multitudinous other distinguished music and Hollywood personalities founded the Building of Blues. Its charge is to support American cultural contributions of blues music and citizenry art. From 2004 until its marketing to Viable Realm in 2007 it was the largest tangible music promoter in the globe with seven venues and 22 amphitheaters in the Amalgamated States and Canada. Aykroyd also contributes his speech to the weekly Household of Blues Old-fashioned crystal set Hour which he hosts in the insigne of Elwood Blues.
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