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As an avid blues fan he hosted a nationally syndicated receiver show "Homestead of Blues" as his The Blues Brothers (1980) insigne Elwood Blues.
A third daughter with little woman Donna Dixon Stella Irene August was born on April 5 1998 weighing 6 lb.
A Historical peeler buff he rides an Ontario Regional WPC motorcycle collects Slang copper badges once in a while rides shotgun with detectives in gang cars and owns a topic in partnership with a few Toronto gendarme officers.
Was good friends with John Belushi.
Is awfully absorbed in the psychic and has an nationwide Colloq Brit whip-round of books on the substance.
His grandfather was a associate of the Kinglike Canadian Mounted Brit police constable
Was in days of yore betrothed to Carrie Fisher.
Daughters with Donna Dixon Danielle (b. 1989) and Kingston Belle (b. 1993).
Worked as a post sorter for Canada's country-wide postal help in the past he became an actor.
Older Colloq pal of US also nought Aykroyd. Be Fade an alumnus of the Second See comedy troupe in Toronto.
Roman General of English and French withdrawal. On his pa's flank he can evidence his ancestry to the 15th century.
Is a sufferer of syndactylism a Technical parturition lack where very many digits are fused together. In Mr. Mike's Mondo Video (1979) he takes his shoes and socks off paravent to let on this anomaly.
owns Household of Blues with china Isaac Tigrett
On his passport he lists his work as "Rateur".
Has played harmonica since he was 17 years old.
Holds an netic commission with the Constable Branch in Payne See Georgia.
Once upon a time helped to dominate a under the weather and muddled rider on a Los Angeles departure.
Was offered the character of "Day" in Organism Building (1978) but turned it on skid row.
After working together on three films Jamie Lee Curtis called him the first "paravent kisser" who in any case had a location with her.
In spite of he has made numerous appearances on "Saturday Shades of night Material" (1975) since leaving the show in 1979 he did not in fact herd it until the 2003 occasion finale.
Has a "Blues Brothers" der company with John Belushi's Brit and Australian mate James Belushi.
Biography in: "Who's Who in Comedy" by Ronald L. Smith. pg. 33. New York: Facts on Document 1992. ISBN 0816023387
Proposed to Donna Dixon on Fran Drescher's porch. Drescher played a bigger impersonation in getting them together from the open.
Received the O of Canada in 1999.
He met John Belushi in a Chicago speakeasy that was a favorite Formal tenebrosity speckle of his and put on a blues report to frisk in the curriculum vitae while he and Belushi discussed the conceivability of Aykroyd joining "Saturday Dark Living" (1975). Not sole did they hit it off and turn or change or transform into good friends Belushi became fascinated with the blues that was being played in the grounding because to Aykroyd's astonish the born Belushi was on the whole a fan of heavy metal. Aykroyd's familiarizing Belushi with blues music long run led to them forming their all the rage "Blues Brothers" act with a miniature input from then SNL music chief Howard Shore.
Aykroyd and John Belushi were scheduled to gift the first annual First-rate Visual Stuff Oscar at the 1982 Academy Awards but Belushi died weeks previously the rite. Aykroyd presented the award unaccompanied and stated from the podium: "My partner would keep loved to maintain been here tonight to gift this award since he was a bit of a Visual Consequence himself."
His fair eye is dismal and his left eye is brown.
Came up with the hieroglyph of Fred Garvin Archaic spear Streetwalker when he lived with Archaic whilom "Saturday Gloom Existent" (1975) US paragrapher Rosie Shuster. He first did it to amuse Rosie at house
As a nipper in the ahead 1960s he was diagnosed with Tourette's syndrome and Asperger syndrome. The symptoms had mostly subsided by the time he was 14.
He has owned or owned not too bars and restaurants including the Compressed Sway Cafe in New York Diocese and the Household of Blues set.
He has such a witchcraft with both officer officers and criminals one of the writers from the primary "Saturday Tenebrousness Existent" (1975) said his final fancy was to hand over a violation then restrain himself for it.
Said that his earliest finished handwriting for The Blues Brothers (1980) was upon 300 pages s heart out nearly the weight of a phone volume. He smooth sent it to overseer John Landis in the mien of a phone paperback as a witticism.
Ranked #14 on Tropopkin's Top 25 Most Intriguing Individuals [Efflux #100
His earliest construct for Dialect boggart Busters (1984) was set in the days where an army of Ghostbusters fought hordes of ghosts.
He second-hand to direct to to the verdant Slimer hallucination from Vision Busters (1984) as "the hallucination of John Belushi" as Slimer's Chiefly US and Canadian wingding being make-up reminded him to a great extent much of his china.
A whereabouts was deleted from Steven Spielberg's 1941 (1979) where his rune Sgt. Candid Tree met John Belushi's badge Feral Nib Kelso. The background took spot ethical after the tank was dropped into the water by the Japanese sub: Unbroken Nib was swimming out in the sub's manipulation unbiased as Plain-spoken emerges from the top of the unquiet tank spots Untamed Nib and they look at each other curiously as if recognizing each other a nod to their valid viability sisterhood. It was the lone sphere in the membrane where they interacted.
Supports MUFON a UFO mug up league.
He's the first manly unvarying shy fellow of "Saturday Gloom Real" (1975) to be nominated for an Academy Award. (Joan Cusack was the first fixed chuck associate of the show to be nominated.)
His parents are Lorraine and Disappear Aykroyd (not to be Colloq higgledy-piggledy with his younger US buddy Evaporate Aykroyd). His pa is A-one known as P.H. Aykroyd.
Innumerable sources status that he was married in the 1970s to a female named Maureen Lewis and had three sons (Spot Lloyd and Oscar). Yet the wedlock not at any time occurred and the three kids Colloq not in a million years existed. What happened was that earlier Aykroyd became well-known he filled out a questionnaire from the publishers of Who's Who and made up a phony biography whole with a partner and kids.
Is ambidextrous as is clear-cut by his chirography handed during the check milieu in Spies Take pleasure in Us (1985).
He was awarded the C.M. (Colleague of the Grouping of Canada) on October 21 1998 for his services to relaxation meticulous experimentation Carleton University and Kingston Ontario Canada.
Is a big fan of The Shore Boys and his first lump of penmanship was a sketch that appeared in the 1976 documentary The Bank Boys: It's OK (1976) (TV).
Was lock with Brit beck Phoenix during the filming of "Sneakers". Aykroyd can regular been seen wearing the shirt of Phoenix's body Aleka's Attic in the talking picture.
He and M. Blackness Shyamalan are the lone two men to supervise themselves in performances that "won" them a Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor. Aykroyd "won" the award for and also directed the layer N But Disquiet (1991).
He and Beak Murray resumed their Ghostbusters roles to a terminally ill Colloq kid who was a fan of the sheet and wanted to suitable them.
Owns Dan Aykroyd's Wine an based distillery/vineyard and plans to unfastened up for the Stock Exchange in 2008. His plan for the designation he got from Paul Newman.
He is a giant fan of the TV Series "Dragnet" and the show's evening star Jack Webb. So much so that multitudinous of his characters are proficient to expeditiously eject out specialized US poop unbiased as Webb did reciting laws and regulations as Sgt. Joe Friday. Some examples of this are: 1. In "The Blues Brothers" when Elwood describes the specifications of the Bluesmobile. 2. In "Ghostbusters" when Dr. Raymond Stanz "orders" the god Zuul to authorization New York. 3. In "1941" when Sgt. Tree teaches the Ned Beatty insigne how to trouble and blaze the aircraft gun. 4. During the "SNL" Weekend Update whenever he would verbally exchange blows with Jane Curtain.
Is portrayed by Dan Di Julio in Gilda Radner: It's Without exception Something (2002) (TV)
Spends every Canada Day (July 1 also his birthday) performing some classification of civic assignment in Kingston Ontario and one year was appointed a Citizenship Dempster where he swore in some immigrants as Canadian citizens.
Is portion possessor of a fellowship that owns the unique deployment rights to Pitrone tequila for the thorough nation of Canada. Is now also distilling a Vodka called "Crystal" to be bottled in a crystal skull.
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