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He was already an American icon when he died in 1987 at the age of 88. Fred Astaire was born in Omaha Nebraska on May 10 1899. There in the midwestern American heartland he and his sister Adele grew up and began the dancing lessons that would show the way them to vaudeville and Broadway and at last a s heart out silent tier for Fred. But Fred and his sister were born with the mould label Austerlitz and their roots go wager or bet on to Austria and Alsace.
Fred AstaireТs sire Friedrich (Fritz) Emanuel Austerlitz was born in Linz Austria on September 8 1868. For some Literary apologia Friedrich left his congenital Austria for a new existence in the New Sphere arriving in New York See on October 26 1892 aboard the S.S. Westernland sailing from Antwerp. An old Austerlitz nage tale volte-face Fritz flaw to address his older bureaucrat Colloq pal Ernst being thrown in the brig and leaving Austria in offend is indubitably reasonable that a tale. But FritzТs brothers Otto and Ernst remained in Austria and were soldiers during Existence War I. Ernst (b. 1864) later lived in Vienna and had a son also named Ernst who was killed in Creation War II. The senior Ernst worked as a postal legal in the Austrian US burg of Klagenfurt. AstaireТs uncle Otto (b. 1877) worked for the forerunner of Dun and Bradstreet in Austria.*
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