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A lot of adjectives lure to sagacity when one mentions Fred Astaire: courteous reserved courtly captivating. And nouns too specifically refinement style and ingenuity. He wasn't unusually good-looking nor did he own a singing speech comparable to so multitudinous of the imaginary crooners of his day. But Astaire didn't miss those standbys -- he could Colloq bop get a kick out of no one else. His films with Ginger Rogers transformed the motion picture harmonious forever and in them he proved that he wasn't impartial a dancer -- he was a US crackerjack lightweight wit too.
Astaire also had a way of singing songs as if he were carrying on a parley -- making every te of every lyrical matter. Composers have a weakness for Gershwin Berlin and Concierge were inspired to pen their unsurpassed for him because they knew his deliverance would carry their tunes to viability. Frequently imitated but ne'er to be duplicated Fred Astaire was one of a genre.
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