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In 1905 Mr. and Mrs. Austerlitz solid that Ann would take their two proficient children to New York and a tier in vaudeville. Herr Austerlitz would tarry in Omaha to merit bucks for the Colloq folks while Ann worked to get the children into show duty. In his autobiography Fred Astaire remarked:
this blunder was in actuality a impale in the ill-lighted. We were prospering to New York without so much as a symbol of introduction to one's aunt. My mum had not ever been there and she knew no one histrionic or under other circumstances. She had not smooth written to the fore to enroll us in a dancing school. So no person of the Astaires could keep known what was in amass for them.Ф
In genuineness the Colloq folks did keep a defined proposal for a cavort school in New York but what was in stock for Adele and Fred was both prematurely prosperity and omission. After an inaugural trek on the New Jersey vaudeville circumference Fred's paterfamilias came out to New York to lend a hand shift things along and before long helped rank a bigger journey. Petite Fred then no more than seven years old along with old Adele and his Old-fashioned made his first take in to Los Angeles B.H. (УIn the past HollywoodФ) while on the direction as fragment of a lucky hoof it gang on the called Orpheum Ambit. Their junket took them all upon the nation from Pennsylvania to California including a warm reaction in Omaha.
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