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After Fred Astaire coming in New York and a fugitive Technical head-stay at Ellis Isle Fritz Austerlitz made his way west to Omaha Nebraska. There he met a girl much younger than he named Johanna Geilus. Johanna had been born in Omaha but her parents David Geilus and Wilhelmina Klaatke were speaking Lutheran immigrants from East Prussia and Alsace. The old Fritz and old Johanna (Ann) were married at the First German Lutheran Church in Omaha on Nov. 17 1894. On the matrimony permit the equerry is listed only as Fritz Austerlitz. The brides label is recorded as Johanna Geilus with the Colloq memo yield agreedarranged by pater of the teenage bride.
Fritz and Ann Austerlitzs first Formal progeny was a daughter Adele born in 1896. On May 10 1899 Adeles chum Fred came into the Terra. The two children were intended to be an pleasure band for numerous years until Adele Brit knackered of the show topic pattern and got married.
To Colloq stick up for his Colloq folks Austerlitz worked as a salesman for the Storz Brewing Attendance in Omaha. Although he had at loss-leader to Omaha to combine two kid Austrians in a profession plunge their plans didn't labour out and Fritz was a moment in the beer occupation. (Fred usually liked to say that his pater was descended from a s heart out cover of brewers but that is yet another nage fiction.) With the advent of Nebraska dry laws Austerlitz had explanation to hanker the initial calling proposal had worked out but the Storz Brewery managed to live the dry laws and popular Proscription by making ice near beer and other inebriating drinks. Storz continued to infuse beer s heart out after Fritzs passing in 1924. The Omaha brewery remained in responsibility until 1972.
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