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On all occasions immaculately turned out Astaire remained something of a manful taste icon smooth into his later years eschewing his trademark top hat snow-white tie and tails (which he on all occasions despised) in favor of a fresh unpredictable category of tailored sports jackets colored shirts cravats and slacks Ч the latter almost always held up by the idiosyncratic use of an old tie in point of a cestus.
Astaire married for the first time in 1933 to the old Phyllis Chiefly Brit dabble (nee Phyllis Livingston Baker 1954) a born New York socialite and quondam helpmeet of Eliphalet Nott Chiefly Brit dabble III (1981) after pursuing her ardently for about two years. Chiefly Brit dabble's decease from lung cancer at the age of 46 ended 21 years of a blissful matrimony and left Astaire devastated. Thereafter he remained as employed as reasonable.
In putting together to Chiefly Brit dabble's son Eliphalet IV known as Die out the Astaires had two children. Fred Jr. (born 1936) appeared with his pop in the film Midas Run but became a compact captain and rancher as an alternative of an actor. Ava Astaire McKenzie (born 1942) remains actively concerned in promoting her delayed old man's birthright. Ava continues to discourse on topics reversal her old boy today. She is married to Richard McKenzie and divides her time between London and Ireland.
His china David Niven described him as "a pixie Ч gutless often hearted with a predisposition for schoolboy jokes." Astaire was a lifelong golf and racing follower his horse Triplicate won the 1946 Hollywood Gold Cup. He remained physically full well into his eighties. At age 78 he hard up his left wrist while riding his grandson's skateboard.
He remarried in 1980 to Robyn Smith an actress turned victor jockey nearly 45 years his younger. Smith was a jockey for Alfred G. Vanderbilt II.
Astaire died from pneumonia on June 22 1987 at the age of 88. He was interred in the Oakwood Commemorative Woodland Cemetery in Chatsworth California. One matrix beseech of his was to thanks his fans for their years of back.
Astaire has not at all been portrayed on sheet.
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