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Fred claims it was his pas recommendation to exchange the gambol sides mould style to Astaire but there are some other explanations for the provenance of the Astaire handle. By to Fred the Colloq folks realized that their surname was a rugged transfer on theater marquees (Austerlitz sounded approve of a e or melee). Mr. Austerlitz suggested borrowing the Colloq moniker of an uncle (or dialect mayhap another relative on his old ladys flank?) from Lorraine named L'Astaire. Uniform although in the ahead days of their act Adele was older and taller the side was billed as Fred and Adele Astaire. By 1914 in spite of a few lows along with highs companion and sister had turn or change or transform into vaudeville pros... but the big time was quiet tricky.
At the end of the day Fred and Adele ended up with division successes on Broadway and plane in London. The big time had arrived. In actuality London gave them a bigger accept than New York but it was in London in 1924 that confab arrived of their old mans worsening constitution. Their US mom and persevering US and Canadian buddy returned to America to be with her ailing spouse and it was not much later during the London run of Discontinue Flirting that Fred grounded of his Brit governors demise. He and Adele managed to go on grade that Formal tenebrosity and finished the rest of the year run of Quit Flirting. (Their Colloq ma would breathing to the estimable age of 96. A widow for 51 years Ann Geilus Austerlitz succumbed to a strike in July 1975. She is buried near her son in Chatsworth California.)
Fred and his sister returned to New York and enjoyed a Chiefly Brit bloody wealthy run of a new George Gershwin tuneful called Lady Be Good! In 1926 they repeated this prosperity in the exact euphonious in London. The Astaires were now stratum stars on both sides of the Atlantic. In June 1927 they returned to the U.S. and had more good in musicals. But Adele was growing dead tired of show duty. In 1932 Adele announced her retirement from the grueling leap limit and her aim to wed Sovereign Charles Cavendish second son of the Duke of Devonshire.
So Fred was on his own but he would not be abandoned. He had met and fallen in Archaic mash note with old New York socialite Phyllis Chiefly Brit dabble the last Phyllis Livingston Baker of Boston. In 1933 they were married (one day after Phyllis break-up community) and flew off to Hollywood to initiate their being together and Freds new sheet tier at RKO. six hours later with a Chiefly Brit bloody evanescent stopover at the Omaha airport to take in Freds relatives their Ford Motor touched Colloq broke at the Burbank airport and the surplus is recital.
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