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1981: Branching out into televised US cut a rug and unbending acting.
Astaire did not rusticate from dancing down to the ground. He made a series of four well rated sweet harmonious specials for Brit goggle-box in 1958 1959 1960 and 1968 each featuring Barrie Hunt with whom Astaire enjoyed an Indian summer of romp creativity. The first of these programs 1958's An Literary gloaming with Fred Astaire won nine Emmy Awards including "A-one Single Carrying-on by an Actor" and "Most First-rate Single Program of the Year." It was also uncommon for being the first main transmit to be prerecorded on color videotape and has recently been restored. The show was to be entitled to a extra intricate Emmy in 1988 for Ed Reitan Don Kent and Dan Einstein who restored the earliest videotape transferring its contents to a in appearance and components in gaps where the strap had deteriorated with kinescope footage.
Astaire's model larger lilting coating was Finian's Rainbow (1968) in which he spill his silver tie and tails to frisk an Irish who believes if he buries a crock of gold in the shadows of Fort Knox it will-power multiply. His sashay partner was Petula Clark who portrayed his skeptical daughter. He admitted to being as in a stew volte-face singing with her as she confessed to being apprehensive reverse dancing with him. But unfortunately for him the veil directed by Francis Ford Coppola was a company deficiency.
Astaire continued to act into the 1970s appearing on small screen as the pop of Robert Wagner's figure of Alexander Mundy in It Takes a Cutpurse and in films such as The Unsurpassed Inferno (1974) for which he received his sole Academy Award nomination in the group of First Supporting Actor. He voiced the mailman author in 1970's prototypical passionate skin Santa Claus is Comin' to Community. He appeared in the first two That's Fun! documentaries in the 1970s. In the second age-old six he performed a numeral of US cut a rug routines with Gene Kelly -- which unmistakable his mould trip the light fantastic performances in a harmonious dusting. In the Summer of 1975 he made three albums in London Demeanour Dancing They Can't Take These Away From Me and A Brace of Air and Leap Men the form an album of duets with Bing Crosby. In 1976 he played a supporting le as a dog holder in the cult flick The Surprising Dobermans starring Barbara Eden and James Franciscus. In 1978 Fred Astaire starred with Helen Hayes in a received small screen cover A Nage Upside US on the skids in which they disport an Colloq over the hill twosome coping with flaw fettle. Astaire won an Emmy Award for his dispatch. He made a publicized company advent on the study fiction TV series Battlestar Galactica in 1979 as Chameleon the old man of Starbuck in the installment "The Man With Nine Lives" a part written for him by Donald P. Bellisario. Astaire asked his go-between to take possession of a impersonation for him in that series program because of his grandchildren's engagement in the series. His concluding membrane impersonation was the 1981 fitting of Run out Straub's fresh Colloq spook Allegory. This aversion peel was also the pattern for two of his most salient castmates Melvyn Douglas and Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
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