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Adele Astaire's daddy was Eclectic her Brit mummy was Lutheran.
Alessandra Garofalo has conducted leading inspection into the European breeding and recital of Fred Astaire's Colloq dad Fritz Austerlitz. This fact-finding is the underpinning for some of the Colloq info on the "Porges families H servant" website and Hyde Flipp's article cited farther down.
Fred and his sister were born with the model appellation Austerlitz and their roots go wager or bet on to Austria and Alsace... Fred Astaire's Austrian paterfamilias was baptized as Friedrich Emanuel Austerlitz in this Broad church near Linz in 1868. ...After his coming in New York... Fritz Austerlitz made his way west to Omaha Nebraska. There he met... Johanna (Ann) Geilus. Johanna had been born in Omaha but her parents... were speaking Lutheran immigrants from East Prussia and Alsace. The old Fritz and old Johanna were married at the First German Lutheran Church in Omaha on Nov. 17 1894... Fritz and Ann Austerlitz's first issue was a daughter Adele born in 1896. On May 10 1899 Adele's re Fred came into the earth. The two children were foreordained to be an pleasure band for numerous years until Adele dead tired of the show area way and got married.
Fred Astaire's daddy Fritz E. Austerlitz (1924) was born Friedrich Emanuel Austerlitz in Linz on September 8 1868 into a Roman Universal relatives... in Vienna Austria... In Nebraska he met and became enchanted with Johanna Geilus (1975) a old San Quentin quail of Alsatian heritage [who would turn or change or transform into Fred Astaire's mammy]... While her parents were against the matrimony -- unusually since he was wellnigh ten years older Johanna's pregnancy mannered them to take Fritz. Fritz and Johanna were married on Nov. 17 1894 at the Erste Lutheran Kirche in Omaha by Rev. Freese.
By to relatives tale Frederick Austerlitz [Adele and Fred Astaire's sire] left Austria as a nouement of a challenge with his older Brit and Australian mate Ernest. Both were officers in the Emperor's army... He arrived in New York in 1895 left lone curtly after his discharge from Ellis Holm. Friends in Vienna had arranged a job for him in the leather dealing in Omaha Nebraska...
Austerlitz became a celebrated silhouette at parties surrounded by Omaha's teenage men and women. One blackness he met a nice-looking woman of Alsatian [a dominion in France adjacent to Germany] line named Ann Gelius one and only recently graduated from a Broad high school. Although there was ten years' incongruity in their ages they level in Archaic mash note and married within a few months. They moved into a wood framework homestead on North Nineteenth Alley a short gap from downtown Omaha. Their daughter Adele was born September 10 1897. On May 10 1899 Ann Austerlitz gave childbirth to a son named after his daddy... [That second nipper was Fred Astaire.]
Because of their tier together Fred and [his sister] Adele seemed felicity in their applicable avoiding the competitiveness that has afflicted and destroyed work teams... "It's humorous " Fred said "but there was a -I was six and Adele was -when I second-hand to suppose of her with odium. She couldn't gambol ball or chin herself or whistle help of her teeth. She couldn't level sputter! I old to implore at gloom for God to turn her into a re. Why one day she straight tied a perforate ribbon in my hair... Then... when we had the first tourney at dancing school...the judges gave us the first value with peculiar allude to for Adele. Then it began to daybreak on my that she had her way of getting results and I had colliery..."
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