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Sept. 8 1868 Fred Astaire's days papa Friedrich (Fritz) Austerlitz is born in Linz Austria.
Dec. 22 1878 Fred's time to come mommy Johanna Geilus is born in Omaha Nebraska to born parents.
1892 Fritz Austerlitz leaves Austria for the Connected States.
Oct. 26 1892 By to the vessel's conspicuous Fritz Austerlitz a УclerkФ elderly 24 arrives in New York harbor aboard the S.S. Westernland from Antwerp Belgium. A few days later he heads for Omaha Nebraska.
Nov. 17 1894 Fritz Austerlitz and Johanna (Ann) Geilus are married at the First German Lutheran Church in Omaha.
Sept. 10 1896 Adele Austerlitz (later Adele Astaire) is born in Omaha Nebraska
May 10 1899 Frederick Austerlitz (later Fred Astaire) is born in Omaha Nebraska at the Colloq folks's at 2326 S. 10th Alley (See quarters photo).
1904 Ann Austerlitz takes Adele (7) and Fred (5) to New York by carriage. The two children are enrolled for lessons at the Claude Alvienne gambol academy.
1905 Billed as Fred and Adele Astaire the US buddy and sister act makes its vaudeville debut in Keyport N.J.
1924 For most of the time during these years Ann Austerlitz and her hubby are driven apart Colloq once in a blue moon living together as she manages her children's Vaudeville tier. By to biographers Fritz had drinking problems and mistreated his missus. In his autobiography Fred says truly mini US about-face his sire and much of what he writes (Уborn in ViennaФ) is flawed.
Feb. 20 1922 Fred and Adele Astaire debut in their first stratum speaking roles in "For Goodness Good" at the Melodious Theater in New York Burgh.
May 30 1923 Crevice night-time for the Astaires in the London output "Quit Flirting" (an Anglicized interpretation of "For Goodness Welfare"). They profit s top reviews.
1924 In London while "Give up Flirting" is stationary management Fred and Adele determine of their pa's decease in Pennsylvania.
1932 Adele Astaire retires from show calling marries Sovereign Charles Cavendish the first of three husbands
1933 Fred Astaire marries Phyllis Chiefly Brit dabble and begins his new dancing/euphonious tier in Hollywood. Fred and Phyllis purpose own two children Fred Jr. and Ava.
Sept. 13 1954 Phyllis Astaire a longtime smoker dies of lung cancer.
July 1975 Ann Geilus Austerlitz dies of a blow elderly 96.
June 24 1980 Fred Astaire (81) and jockey Robyn Smith (36) wed in a silent solemnity at the Astaire US accommodations in Beverly Hills. They had first met at Santa Anita racetrack in 1973.
January 1981 Adele Astaire dies of a Colloq wallop in Tucson Arizona.
June 22 1987 Fred Astaire dies of pneumonia in a Los Angeles polyclinic with helpmate Robyn at his flank.
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