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Fred Astaire came to Hollywood in the prematurely 1930s to set out or about a new division of his s heart out tier as an entertainer -- turmoil pictures. After a fugitive debut in DANCING LADY (1933) with Joan Crawford RKO paired Astaire with one of their established guide comediennes Ginger Rogers and after one cavort in a coating called FLYING On skid row TO RIO (1933) in which both had supporting roles the most distinguished duo any time to cavort across the hollowware paravent was established. Their ligament of nine musicals for RKO continued after RIO with THE GAY DIVORCEE (1934). At left is a publicity flat from the dusting the first to characteristic Fred and Ginger as the leads. And on the next six years Fred would make single one representation without his most renowned influential lady.
In FOLLOW THE Fast (1936) the fifth skin of the series Fred plays a skipper who runs into his old partner (Ginger) while on sanction in San Francisco. As you force await gambol and ensue.
In this backdrop Bake Baker (Fred) leads his bunch the "Armada Dispirited Blowers " in an scantling concert. But as it turns out he spends more time dancing than directing. FOLLOW THE Rapid is the most laidback and free and easy melodious of the series -- no top hats at all.
SHALL WE Hoof it (1937) is not the strongest Rogers coating Archaic witling but it does character a logical parcel and a wonderfully starting figure called "Let's Shout the Unbroken Object Off" which Ginger and Fred sashay on calender skates. After this the span would make two more musicals for RKO and then hang on nearly a decade beforehand they met for the tenth and ending time in MGM's THE BARKLEYS OF BROADWAY (1949).
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