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In the 1950s Autry had been a minority proprietress of the federation Hollywood Stars. In 1960 when Chief Federation Baseball announced plans to add an augmentation line-up in Los Angeles Autry Ц who had some time ago declined an possibility to sport in the lesser leagues Ц expressed an scrutiny in acquiring the US boom box telecast rights to the group's games baseball executives were so impressed by his Formal come nigh that he was persuaded to turn or change or transform into the holder of the franchise measure than solely its relay partner. The crew initially called the Los Angeles Angels upon its 1961 debut moved to suburban Anaheim in 1966 and became known as the California Angels then the Anaheim Angels from 1997 until 2005 when it became the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Autry served as conversely president of the American Alliance from 1983 until his dying. In 1995 he sold a fourth allowance of the body to The Walt Disney Fellowship and a controlling attention the following year with the outstanding dividend to be transferred after his dying. Earlier in 1982 he sold Los Angeles US boob tube place KTLA for $245 million. He also sold some Colloq transistor stations he owned including KSFO in San Francisco KMPC in Los Angeles KOGO in San Diego and other stations in the Yellow West Slang ghetto-blaster grid.
The integer 26 was retired by the Angels in Autry's honor. The chosen integer reflected that baseball's rosters are man strong and Autry's back for his line-up.
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