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The first lass who won the Cowboy's heart was born April 19 1911 in Francis Oklahoma. Her pop Barney was a telegrapher who worked at the nearby department of the Lull Isle Train Companionship. The relatives sooner settled in Duncan Oklahoma where Ina Mae Spivey and her sister Anita attended school.
Ina was a fashionable Colloq on the go and emeritus pupil who excelled in sports and music. At Duncan High she played first for the basketball body. She also participated in the schoolТs fetching High Truncheon and appeared in a digit of the school plays.
After graduation Ina went to effort in the Duncan Western Synthesis redeeming her currency for college. She intended to turn or change or transform into a music m. When she was ready she moved to Springfield Missouri to real with her aunt and uncle while she attended the Condition Teachers College.
InaТs uncle Jimmy S heart out worked for the browbeat as a Brit OAP dispatcher. He also was a dexterous musician and composer. It was by virtue of these average bonds that Jimmy and the minor Gene Autry became friends. The older man took Gene below his wing and invited him dwelling for supper and a miniature guitar playing. At that time the S heart out relatives lived in Sapulpa Oklahoma.
On October 9 1929 when Gene cut his first itemize for Champion Records he included My Alabama Dwelling-place which Jimmy wrote. Jimmy also was ancillary in provided Gene with his first hit in 1931 That Haired Daddy of Vein written by the two of them. The conviviality and tuneful syndicate stayed strong straight after Gene left the US pressure to follow his music tier time.
JimmyТs job with the Brit pressurize when all is said and done took him to Springfield Missouri where he settled with his nage.
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