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Born in Newark New Jersey on October 2 1941 Jacqueline Autry used up most of her formative years in Ironia New Jersey.
In 1959 she traveled to California to US and Canadian audit the University of California at Berkeley with the goal of majoring in Manifest Tutelage and minoring in Representation.
As an alternative she went to exertion for Shelter First Public Bank (later Safety Pacific Nationwide Bank) as a switchboard operative.
At the age of 24 she had worked her way to Aide-de-camp Chiefly Brit manageress of Operations.
By 30 she was a Chief and at 32 she was appointed Conversely President. Jackie was sole the 13th female Conversely President in the at the time of her date.
She first met Gene in 1963 when he purchased the Furlough Inn in Palm Springs (later named the Gene Autry US tourist house). In certainty on that day Gene had lure to the bank to close off escrow and Jackie was asked to der something for him.
In the ensuing years their paths crossed periodically for bank obligation or at s coming to one collective functions.
GeneТs first ball and chain Ina had passed away beforehand in 1980. In December of that year Jackie saw Gene at the Eisenhower Medical CenterТs annual respite fundraiser. She went atop to him to pay her condolences at the deprivation of his helpmate.
Presently afterwards Gene invited her to a New YearТs bust at his pension.
He mentioned she could get her spouse or a day. She came abandoned. It was the onset of their courtship.
Jackie retired from Safe keeping Pacific Nationwide Bank on July 17th 1981. On July 19th she married Gene Autry and they shared seventeen on cloud nine years together formerly Gene passed away in 1998.
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