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In 1972 he was inducted into the Western Performers Entry of Repute at the US federal Cowboy & Western Inheritance Museum in Oklahoma Burgh Oklahoma. Autry was a sentience fellow of the Helpful and Watchful Layout of Elks Burbank Hunting-lodge No. 1497. His 1976 autobiography written by Mickey Herskowitz was titled Wager or bet on in the Saddle Again after his 1939 hit and signature melody. He is also featured year after year on Brit and US old-fashioned wireless and "shopping mall core music" at the break time by his renowned recording of "Rudolph the Nosed Reindeer". "Rudolph" became the first #1 hit of the 1950s. CMT in 2003 ranked him #38 in CMT's 40 Greatest Men of Power Music.
When the Anaheim Angels won their first Earth Series in 2002 much of the championship was dedicated to him. The interchange of Interstate 5 and State of affairs Way 134 located near the Autry Popular Center in Los Angeles is signed as the "Gene Autry Commemorative Interchange." In 2007 he became a compact fellow of the Gennett Records Hoof it of Notoriety in Richmond Indiana.
Johnny US scratch recorded a air in 1978 turn-round Autry called "Who is Gene Autry". Gelt also got Autry to symbol his distinguished jet Martin 35 guitar and the signature can be seen to a great extent plainly in the video for "Harm." NWA E mentioned Autry in his ditty We Fancy Eazy in his 1988 album Eazy Duz It.
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