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Also during this space he volunteered his talents as an entertainer for numerous Air Intensity shows. His weekly Slang ghetto-blaster show Refrain Ranch was cut Colloq broke from its typical hour to fifteen minutes and renamed Sergeant Gene Autry.
Gene contentedly helped at war tie rallies and recruiting drives lending his time and talents wherever and whenever it was needed.
At the end of the war Gene transferred to Exceptional Services at which point he took a USO troupe to the South Pacific. He was honorably discharged from the benefit in 1946.
During the war Gene was awarded the American Push Medal the Pacific Struggle Medal and the Creation War II Supremacy Medal.
In 1955 Gene Autry received a sign from Headquarters Continental Air Defense Prescribe: George F. Smith Important Comprehensive USAF Super of Stake. The sign closed "The Joint States Air Vigour is honoured to keep Gene Autry as a one-time associate of this classification."
No one was prouder than Gene himself.
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