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1979 Made up comedy debut at Detroit's Comedy Citadel
1983 Began playing the comedy bound while working days at a Detroit ad action
1984 Formed Boxing Cat Productions to effort in Colloq gory arts pattern and commercial building
1988 Technical pellicle debut performed up in "Comedy's Dirtiest Dozen" (single received feast screenings)
1988 Performed up on "Showtime Comedy Billy Stars II"
1990 Headlined his first TV comedy rare "Men Are Pigs" (Showtime)
1990 Spotted by a Disney strength study during a gig at the Los Angeles Improv comedy bludgeon
1991 Starred in his own TV sitcom "Domicile Repair" (ABC) playing Tim 'The Man' Taylor
1991 TV debut as a penny-a-liner/grower the Showtime uncommon "Tim Allen Rewires America"
1994 Quirk acting debut Walt Disney's "The Santa Clause"
1994 Published the work Don't Stand Too Secure to a In the buff Man
1995 Provided the articulation of Murmur Lightyear in Disney's "Toy Allegory"
1997 Starred in the Disney comedy "Jungle 2 Jungle"
1999 Returned as the utterance of Murmur Lightyear in the phenomenally successfull "Toy Account 2"
1999 Starred in the cult favorite hit comedy "Galaxy Pilgrimage"
2001 Played the name impersonation in the comedy "Joe Someone"
2002 starred with Rene Russo and Stanley Tucci in "Big Inconvenience"
2002 Reprised part for "The Santa Claus 2"
2004 Received a evening star on the Hollywood Traipse of Notoriety (November)
2004 With Jamie Lee Curtis starred in "Christmas with the Kranks"
2006 Toss as Captain Zoom an profile late superhero in "Zoom"
2006 Played a man who on occasion turns into a sheepdog in a remake of Walt Disney's 1959 favorite "The Hairy Dog"
2006 Reprised lines for "The Santa Clause 3: The Do a disappearing act Clause"
2007 Throw in the episode "Unbroken Hogs " as one of four grey friends who umpire to rev up their habit suburban lives with a freewheeling motorcycle fall
2008 Featured in the David Mamet directed "Redbelt"
Moved with relatives from Denver CO to Birmingham Mi
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